My work

I believe that the true value of a great musical instrument goes beyond its material. It is the luthier who loves his job and his sense for perfection what creates amazing feel of the best instruments.

With this wiring scheme and selected parts you will get perfect upgrade for your bass. With one of my kits, you get a product made with patience and sense of perfection. 

Used components

The quality of parts is essential. This selection of parts were chosen carefully with a help of technicians repairing our basses for many years.

  • Potentiometers CTS 250K, 450G series, 10% tolerance, 10% Audio Taper, Low friction, 1/4″ solid shaft
  • Capacitor Paper in Oil K40Y-9 Russian military, 0.047 uF/200V, 10% tolerance
  • Gavitt vintage cloth wires, tinned, 22AWG
  • Switchcraft 11 Mono Jack

Installation tips


My Kits come with pre-wired leads to pickups and bridge. Pictures show where to connect these wires.

Each pickup sports two wires, one is HOT and one is GROUND. Sometimes these wires have same colour.

Don’t worry, it is 50:50 chance you’ll make it on a first try.


The best way to make a solid connection is to twist-two-wires-together and solder. To secure the joint we will cover it with a heat-shrink tube.

The whole wiring needs to be connected to GROUND wire leading to guitar bridge.